Errands day

Back in the day, when I was prolific and all that, Fridays were errand days. Now I'm getting back into the swing of things, Fridays are errand days again. And today is no different. I've already completed one errand this morning, a banking errand (hurrah!), and I have 2 more errands to do - one …

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Kaleidoscopic migraine

Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I experienced what I believe to be (having Googled it ...) a kaleidoscopic migraine. I've had migraines before. They usually start with my peripheral vision starting to recede into tunnel vision. And if I don't get to lie down in a darkened room before the tunnel vision becomes …

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Hey you! Yes, you at the back! Say hello!

I have no idea why, but Wednesday's post seems to have been more popular than some of the previous ones as it was possibly shared and re-tweeted much more than any of my posts have ever been shared before. So, all you people at the back, before you read any further, nip on down to the …

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