It’s been a while …

Picture: Ian Wordsworth

Yes, it’s been a while. The last time I posted was 22 August … the following day wasn’t a great one in our world. We’ve had a lot going on since then too, along with more shocks (more information can be found on Words Worth Writing, so I shan’t bore anyone over here with the details again), but hopefully, once again, perhaps things will finally settle for us now.

We’ve not really been out. We’ve not really done much in the kitchen. We’ve not really had chance to do anything substantial to the garden.

A few loaves of bread have been made, along with a few pots of jam. We have more foraging to do. Our garden is resplendent with apples, plums, rhubarb, but we want to go and get some blackberries, some sloe berries and some elderberries from our old lane. There are more jams to be made, and chutneys, and ketchups, and sauces … It is, after all, that time of year.

I’ve been very busy re-publishing books. (Again, more information can be found over on the writing blog.) I’ve picked up a couple of old writing courses to complete, on top of the fiction writing course I’m already studying. I have more books to write, along with a few short stories. And I have several client books to edit too.

So I am very, very busy. And if I disappear again, you’ll know why.

I was going to give Baggins Bottom a bit of a sabbatical, but I realised that as soon as I do that, I’ll suddenly have lots to write about again. Therefore, please forgive and excuse any randomness or unreliability meanwhile. Ta. 🙂

My fat year: busy week

At Tetney Lock (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

Phew, what a busy week I had last week. A new book published on Tuesday, then 2 more paperbacks sent off for print. And in between I was trying to do some editing.

The diet is going in the right direction again. I’ve lost another couple of pounds, but the poet has lost an impressive 10lb so far.

But I wanted to share this picture he took (on self-timer) on our walk yesterday because, well, the double chin is smoothing out a bit, looking at this.

There’s another picture he took where I do look trimmer, but I’ll share that later this week. And we’re both finding our mobility is much better.

We’re sticking at roughly 4-mile walks at the moment because up until yesterday’s, my left hip was still struggling a little towards the end. Yesterday, it didn’t hurt at all. So I’d like to do at least one more 4-mile(ish) walk just to make sure it’s not a one-off.

Then we’re moving up to 5-mile walks (ish).

Food-wise, we’re sticking to 3 meals a day, plus a piece of fruit mid-morning, a yoghurt for me and a pot of rice for him for pudding at dinner time (lunch time), another piece of fruit mid-afternoon, and a normal pudding with tea.

We’re cutting down on sugar intake but we’ve started to increase fat again. And most puddings we’re making ourselves – a fruit crumble or a lemon/lime meringue pie, or reduced sugar muffins, etc.

Then we’re not eating of an evening.

It’s definitely working for him, I hope it’s working for me too.

Happy bunny this week. 🙂