Disco witch

“Disco Witch”? (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

We had quite the early start this morning as Tom the Gas was coming “between 8 and half-past” to drain down the hot water/heating system and do things with the hot water expansion tank and a rusty valve on a downstairs radiator. He arrived at about 8:31am, with Sam the Young in tow. Two for the price of one, eh?

So, first of all, Rufus and I were holed up in the kitchen having breakfast when they turned the water off (and I had to abort the dishwasher), and then we made a dash for the study when they turned the water back on again (and I had to go back downstairs and restart the dishwasher). Last I heard, Tom the Gas was telling Sam the Young to fetch the soldering bucket …

But all I’ve done thus far is the daily competitions. This current 10 – 11 period is blog post time. Then at 11am I do today’s NaNoWriMo. (Have you seen how well I’m doing in the sidebar?) Once that’s done, I’ll crack on and finish an electronic edit – I already completed and filed one yesterday, for which I’ve already been paid. (Hurrah!) And this afternoon I’ll have more invoices to raise. (Double hurrah!)

Today’s picture is one the poet took at last week’s Halloween fancy dress gig. As I’m now sharing pictures of me again (yes, that really is me), I think it’s time we went out and stocked up on new photography.

Tonight, I think we’re doing shopping. Tomorrow we go to collect the poet’s fishing pole from the pole doctor, we’ll probably nip in on his parents while we’re over there, and he has another gig in Doncaster tomorrow night.

Sunday seems to be a bit of a do diddle day at the moment. We STILL don’t have his car back, even though it was repaired a week ago last Monday! But if we don’t have to go and collect that (which would actually be tomorrow, I think, rather than Sunday), then we’re having the day off. Who knows what we might do? We have ingredients for parkin and for gingerbread men, and we’re also short of those photographs.

What’re you up to this weekend?