Security issues

I’ve been having a few security issues of late and I don’t know what’s causing them.

Not all of my emails are being delivered for a start, but that could be because it’s a webmail account and a lot of firewalls don’t like them much.

Yesterday, however, I received an official warning from Yahoo, because there had been some “unusual activity” on the account, and they had temporarily locked me out. I had to go in, via a proper pc, and log in again and then change my password.

For added security I’ve also changed my password on the blog, on my Facebook, on my Hotmail account, and anything else I have to log in to.

The only thing I’ve physically changed in the past few days is have a LinkedIn profile created. I’ve been getting a lot of mail as a result, and that might have something to do with it. I’m not sure how this new account will work, or if it will work, but I’m giving it a go. Pop on over and add me if you’re also on there. It’s letting me add links and just now I’m going to try and auto-post this blog posting too. If I get many more security issues I may close the account again, or suspend it, see if it’s that.

[EDIT: You need to click the button in the sidebar. I can’t get a link to work within the post …]

The work continues to come in and I continue to be busy. I’m checking the job boards every day, trying to keep on top of the diary, and I’ve also updated the gig list today. For the rest of the day I’m reading a book, with a green pen behind my ear.

Tomorrow I’m off down to Birmingham.