Our lane in February

Our lane. (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

Last weekend we went for our first walk of the year down our lane. It’s usually flooded but has been quite snowy, slushy and icy more recently. This was a lovely spring-like day with the sun shining in a blue sky.

There’s a working farm down here, a 17th century manor house with farm buildings (one of which is ours), a pair of houses that are semi-detached, and a bungalow at the end of it.

Snowdrops. (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

The first thing we saw were the snowdrops. These are the first we’ve seen this year, but then, we haven’t been out much and they may have been there a month already.

There are some old chinese lanterns along here too, but they’re long past their best. We also think they may have been dumped there by man as they don’t tend to grow naturally in the English countryside … do they?

Holly. (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

All of the berries have gone from the holly, but it’s still looking quite splendid. This lines the lane all the way down to the end, and probably beyond. It’s a beautiful deep green, very lush, and a great place for the woodland birds to hide in as we walk past.

The poet’s learning how to use his camera at the moment and I think he achieved the desired effect with this picture. He’s getting quite good at blurring the background now.

Mallards skating on Wormy’s Lake. (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

The main purpose of the walk on this occasion, apart from to blow away the winter cobwebs, was for him to assess the lake, to see if it’s ready for fishing yet. Unfortunately it was still very much iced over, with these ducks paddling on the top.

There weren’t many birds on the water and he says the fish won’t be biting much either. So he’s filed the data away for another time.

Lord Rufus loving his walk around Wormy’s Lake. (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

They’ve started some clearance and we’re not sure if that’s so the people who live in the bungalow can see the water, or whether they’re maintaining it for when it can be fished. Because there were no anglers, however, we were able to let the dog off his lead. And he had a proper bostin time, running along, exploring the undergrowth, and even coming back when we called him. He’s getting a lot better.

We won’t be walking along the lane this weekend. Tomorrow we’re going to look at a new car for the poet as his is up for renewal, we’ll drop in on his parents while we’re over there, and tomorrow night he has a gig in Doncaster.

Because of that we’re going out for our Valentine’s Day meal tonight. We’re going Italian. Then on Sunday we’re off for a bit more of a walk to break in his new boots and for him to try out his camera some more.

What are you up to this weekend? Hope it’s a goodun. 🙂