Lovely few days

We’ve been very lucky and had a lovely few days.

On Thursday evening the weather was so nice the poet decided we were going to spend it out. So we packed a picnic and drove over to Sprotbrough Flash near Doncaster. We had a lovely walk along the canal and then the river to the A1(M) and back. The dog chewed through his lead (leash) – that’s another “indestructible” lead – while we ate our picnic, so we had to do a quick repair. But apart from that we had a lovely evening.

Sprotbrough Canal. (Pic: Ian Wordsworth)
Sprotbrough Flash. (Pic: Diane Parkin)
A1(M) Sprotbrough Flash. (Pic: Ian Wordsworth)

On the way home we caught sight of a swan family we’ve been watching on a lake near home. So we pulled up to take a closer look.

Everybody say ahhh …

12 June 2014 #1
Swans with young, on a lake somewhere near Hemsworth. (Pic: Ian Wordsworth)

Friday was very busy. I shifted 3 jobs totalling 404 pages, and the pile went down considerably. But I was tired by the end of the day.

I’d forgotten we were going to Sheffield Friday night to see one of our friends in his band, The Strikes, and one of the poet’s band mate’s sons in his band, Bang Bang Romeo. We drove to Meadowhall and caught the train in. The venue, Maida Vale, was very new. When the bands arrived at teatime, they were still unpacking it. But it was a successful opening night and we came away having thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The poet was supposed to be going fishing on Saturday but it was cancelled. We nipped out for some breakfast and noticed they were having a 1980s concert at Nostell Priory later, near Wakefield. Tickets were still available on the door, so we went and did what we had to, walked the dog around Howell Wood, and then spent a beautiful evening in beautiful surroundings, being taken right back to the 80s.

We saw Doctor and the Medics, T’Pau, Go West, Heaven 17, Jason Donavon, Heather Small and UB40. And all in a very civilised manner too, with yet another picnic.

The poet at Nostell Priory. (Pic: Diane Parkin)
Go West. (Pic: Ian Wordsworth)
Heaven 17. (Pic: Ian Wordsworth)
Heather Small. (Pic: Ian Wordsworth)
The Doctor (of the Medics). (Pic: Diane Parkin)
Very civilised. (Pic: Ian Wordsworth)

We got back home in time to watch the England football game, then it was off to bed for an earlyish start the next day … only we slept in.

It was father’s day, so we went to see my parents first and dropped in to the poet’s parents on the way back where he also had chance to catch up with his daughter and grandaughter, and he had a nice chat with son no 2 on the way.

Unfortunately we got back too late to do anything else, so we slobbed on the settee in front of a couple of films (The Deadly Game, but with a different title on IMDB, and The Wolverine), and had an early night.

This week I’m very busy again. I have a brand new edit in that’s going to take the whole week. So that’s all from me for now.

Enjoy the pictures. 🙂