Idle week

Farm outbuilding, Rievaulx. There was a grumpy dog in that kennel to the side of the steps. We didn’t see her, but we heard her. Perhaps she had pups. (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

I’ve had a bit of a lazy week this week, I don’t seem to have had very much get-up-and-go. This is the problem when I don’t have rush jobs with tight deadlines. The work languishes in a neglected pile and I work on it whenever I feel like it. And this week, I haven’t much felt like it.

All is well, though.

We both started a diet on Monday and the poet has already lost almost half a stone (7lb). The holiday clothes we bought him last week are already feeling a bit more comfortable. His stomach is flat again in the mornings. 🙂

My weight was staying static, despite keeping a strict eye on what I was eating and not eating cake (apart from puddings already in) or chocolate or anything between meals other than fruit. Yesterday, when my weight went up a pound, I decided to revert back to my old tried and tested  5:2 diet. When I did this before, I lost 20lb in a month, and kept it off until contentment set in. Then, over a period of about 18 months, it all crept back on … well, not all of it. I was still 4lb short of my heaviest weight ever when I started the 5:2 diet, but I didn’t want it to hit (or pass) that all-time-high again.

Now then, I don’t usually weigh myself every day when dieting, and hardly ever when I’m not. But I need to do it when I start a diet just to see if it’s having any effect, so that I can adjust if it isn’t and wallow if it is. This week, aside from the calorie-counting, I’d also done 2 fitness DVDs and been for a walk. But my weight went up instead of down.

Saying that, the trousers I put on for my short walk on Wednesday didn’t need me to lie down on the bed to fasten them, like that had only at the weekend. So I did measure my waist and found I’d lost an inch. But the weight had gone the wrong way, and so I had a starvation (fasting) day yesterday.

And this morning, I finally witnessed my first loss – only 1¾lb, but a loss nonetheless. So, I’m sticking to this instead of the calorie-counting, although with the poet also trying to lose weight we’re already eating healthily on my feast days. And I’ll weight myself, and measure myself, once a week again.

When I do 5:2, I don’t fast for hours on end. I graze. This is because I get a bit hypoglyceamic, but I get that way anyway without fasting having anything to do with it. And if I get hungry, I eat. I just eat carefully. Others can fast on water alone, or they can go from breakfast to supper without eating anything. But I graze. And it works.

Also this week the poet has been to buy his wedding suit. We were supposed to be going tonight, but he found himself in a shop that sells suits and he chose one. So now we have this evening spare. Tomorrow morning we go for my dress fitting, on the way to Birmingham. We’re also having the ties made in the same fabric as the dress. I’m going to ask for a fabric swatch so I can look at shoes, probably Sunday.

And he’s finally fished the lake at the end of our lane this week. He had a nice evening fish and caught about ten, saying it’s harder when the fishing is natural rather than stocked. Now, as a non-angler I, personally, would get more from fishing natural waters as it would be more of a challenge to me. But he’s a match-angler and isn’t used to working so hard. BUT, he fished, and he caught fish, and he bought new line so he can fish it again. So that’s all good too.

We have less than a fortnight before breaking up on 30 April. I still have the big book to edit and another smaller one. I’d like to get both of those done before the holiday so that I start with a fresh slate when we return.

Tomorrow we have the dress fitting and the trip to Birmingham, and maybe a gig tomorrow evening. We have nothing booked for Sunday, so that could be shopping or walking or doing something in the house.

Have a great weekend.